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Pontus Raud paints to explore the implications of viewing the world as a causal arena, where things make sense. If we are to believe that there is any necessity to the things happening around us, we must also assume a meaningful self, and a world full of measurable differences with inumerable relationships. This creative force of separation can be clearly seen in his latest series of small oil pastels, where the same motif is often repeated with variation, emphasising the relationships within the subject. ( text from ”Composing reality” Gallery Hilbertraum, Berlin 2018 )

With support from IASPIS.

Läs recension i Omkonst av Lotta Ekfelt:

Necessary Relationships
Necessary relationships
You are living with one's life
The residue of a relationship
Resting with pink shorts
Urban rest
I rest without a title
The uncertainty in a relationship
Memory of a relationship
Resting with a towel on your head
Visibility in a relationship
Resting in blue shirt
needles and pins
The beach that sings
The future looks distant
A large woman
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